We are an incorporated foundation in Aruba focused on getting more local youth involved in ocean conservation activities.

Some of our current projects include the first official coral restoration nursery in Aruba, new and innovative reef survey techniques in conjunction with our marine biologist, and regular reef clean ups at some of the local dive sites and marinas.

We also work with local dive shops to continue education for divers. Many of our members have earned their advanced open water, Coral Restoration Specialist, Ocean Conservation, Lionfish Tracker, Fish ID and Dive Against Debris Specialist certifications.

Any diver in Aruba is welcome to volunteer for a reef clean up or survey. Please contact us if you would like to join.

Divers still in school are encouraged to join us regularly in the nursery. Our goal is to get more young people involved in saving the reefs.

  • We personally train new members on coral health and taxonomy.
  • We also train them on the techniques we have learned and currently employ in our nursery.

A major goal of the ScubbleBubbles foundation is to help alleviate the cost of scuba diving for local students.

One way we are accomplishing this goal is the purchasing of SCUBA equipment.

Currently we have some equipment.

    • Through the generosity of Jolly Pirates Aruba and AquaLung, we currently have BCDs for students to use while diving with the organization.
    • Fundraising events and the generosity of DePalm Tours helped us raise enough money to have regulators for students to use while diving.

We are planning more fundraising events in order to purchase masks and potentially fins as well. If you would like to donate money, we have a GoFundMe page set up. But we also welcome donations of your time, prizes for events, and goods and services that we can use. You can contact us for more information about ways to help.