Who we are

The ScubbleBubbles started as a school project.... One teacher convinced 8 students to learn how to SCUBA dive. Two other students who were already certified decided to join the group. They spent the first year working on skills and enjoying dives around Aruba.

But over time they noticed the reefs were changing. Corals were not the same colors they once were and fish were disappearing. After summer break they watched Chasing Coral and they knew they had to do something.

The students started doing research and the teacher reached out to other organizations. They soon realized nothing was being done on Aruba, yet. They spent a year conducting research, raising money, and traveling to Bonaire to get specialized training on Coral Restoration.

They brought their knowledge back to Aruba and with approval from Directie Natuur en Millieu and the Minister of Environment started a coral restoration project in conjunction with DePalm Island.

Youth Leaders

These students are the planners of events, trainers of new volunteers, and construction specialists. It is an honor to work with such strong, imaginative, and passionate young people!





Youth Volunteers

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