What we do

Coral Restoration Project

Due to the decline of coral health in the ocean, there is a global effort to increase the conservation and restoration of coral reefs. The ScubbleBubbles are using coral restoration techniques being used in Bonaire and around the world to encourage asexual reproduction in branching corals.

Our first project focuses on staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) and we are excited to soon out plant our very first fragments onto the reef.

Monitoring growth

Every two weeks we take photographs of the coral using a gridded background in order to monitor and measure the growth of the coral.

Weekly Maintenance

Each week we go out to the 'nursery' to clean the trees of algae and fire coral.

Dive Against Debris /Reef and Beach Clean Ups

Pollution from plastic, cans, and other trash are dangerous for the health of the ocean. The ScubbleBubbles try to avoid single use plastic in their daily lives and do monthly reef or beach clean ups to do their part for the waters around Aruba. With the help of Happy Divers Aruba many of the Bubbles earned their PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty training.

Coral growing on a bottle

Amazing to see the ocean take over the trash

It is always fun diving with a buddy!

It is always rewarding to dive with a mission!

Reef Health Surveys

Using a combination of existing techniques and methods 'under construction' we conduct surveys on reef health. We look at fish counts, ground cover/substrate, and coral bleaching and disease. We hope to begin testing water quality as part of our data collection.

The reef surveys are still a new process and are under development.